Indmed Travel works on the 7 steps of Successful treatments and assists you at all level.

Step 1: Contact Us

Our user-friendly website and various easy modes of communication like Email, International Call, WhatsApp& IMO chat or calling, Facebook will help you to contact us. You will submit medical summary and Documents required.

Step 2: Get your medical opinion and Cost estimate

We will forward your Medical Records to more than 100 Hospitals for assessments. Various Hospitals with their Expert doctors after analyzing your reports will give you the choices of treatment which best suite you and the cost estimate. You can customize your cost depending upon your requirements and facilities you want to avail.

Step 3: You choose from the options

Our Team of doctors is working in the India for more than two decades. They can give you valuable opinion for decision-making. You can choose Best option after discussion with your friends & relatives, your local doctor and opinion of experts from Hospitals and Our Team

Step 4: Arrangement for Medical Visa, Accommodation, Appointments etc.

Will assist you in getting Visa and Air tickets. We will fix your appointment with doctors according to your choice. We will confirm your Accommodations and travel requirements.

Step 5: Arrival in India, Treatment and other Logistics

On arrival, our executives at Airport will welcome you. You meet Doctors and speak with them. We will carry Evaluation and Admission procedure. You will undergo necessary treatment as assured to you. We will look after your all logistic requirements

Step 6: Recovery and Follow Ups

We will look for your any follow ups scheduled. You will get medicines prescribed and any assistance required like wheel chairs, walking sticks etc. We will work for speedy recovery and pain freepost-operative periods.

Step 7: Local Sightseeing, Departure and future consultations.

We will plan your return and Travel requirements. Local Sightseeing after consultation with your Doctor. You can enjoy Shopping, Indian Food, customs and Traditions.

Any Consultation and Follow Ups required any time even after you return your Home You can Contact and speak with Doctors